dream punk - It


Solki are Serena Altavilla (the voice + guitar), Lorenzo Maffucci (turquoise guitar) and Alessandro Gambassi (kick, snare & hi-hat).
The band members started the band together after playing hundreds of shows with other acts such as Blue Willa and Topsy The Great, with whom they’ve been hitting clubs and festivals such as Primavera Sound (ES), Reeperbahn (D), Elevate (A), Monkey Week (ES).
Their music has been described as both fierce and dreamy, sensuous and warm, with strong melodies hidden behind a textile of dissonances and vice versa.
Playing together in the China-tinged outskirts of Prato - dubbed “the Italian Manchester” - since 2014, Solki released their first album “Sleeper Grele” in October 2014, also debuting the underground label Ibexhouse. The album was tracked down on a single afternoon in the late summer with cheap mikes and a four-track tape recorder.
After an early run of CD-Rs and cassettes, the album was reprinted on 12'' vinyl by the label Ibexhouse cooperating with Swiss DIY label Sacred Hood and Italian fellows Santa Valvola, nevrosi and Astio Collettivo.
In April 2017 the band released their second album, “Peacock Eyes”. It achieves a fusion which is more solid and neater than the lo-fi game of the debut album, though the band essentially keeps their rooted dream punk instrumentation.


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