Tim Holehouse

Session Folk Dominicale

Folk Punk - UK


Tim Holehouse le touche à tout, fatigué d’hurler sur ses sons hardcore, nous invite à prendre la route sur des sentiers blues folk singuliers et mélodieux. Reconnaissable à sa voix graveleuse, son univers est décalé et incontestablement rock.



Kaleb Stewart

Folk Rock UK


Kaleb Stewart, of As Friends Rust and Cro(w)s, grew up in Talkeetna, Alaska and found his home in Gainesville in 1995 after living in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Los Angeles, and Tampa. In 2002, during As Friends Rust’s hiatus, he formed Grey Goose, taking the name from a song by iconic blues artist Lead Belly. Joined by his brother Levi and James Parker of Discount, Grey Goose would go on to include various veteran’s of Gainesville’s thriving scene, including Bill Clower of Radon. Kaleb has since begun performing and recording as a solo act, where he periodically performs with friends. His songs, while drenched in gravelly vocals and bearing many hallmarks of Gainesville’s distinct, swampy brand of punk, differentiates itself through a vocal delivery that is at once sultry and somber, and lyrics that are painfully, cynically and daringly introspective. Kaleb recently recorded a split record with British punk/blues artist Tim Holehouse and will tour Europe beginning in mid-November. He plans to release a full length on Sounds of Subterrania records in June of 2018.



Alexy Golonka

Folk Rock - Lyon



Alexy Golonka est un auteur/compositeur/interprète de chansons à influences Folk/Punk. Des paroles entre rêves et réalité, il propose une Folk née dans les montagnes aux sonorités vagabondes. Après 2 ans sur Paris, et un passage en Irlande, il sera influencé par des artistes comme Mumford and Sons, Bob Dylan, Ray Lamontagne ou encore Tim Vantol.

C’est une fois à Lyon, qu’il rentrera en studio en Novembre 2016 pour enregistrer son premier album « Precious Time », sortie le 8 avril 2017.


KRASPEK MYZIK - 20 Montée Saint-Sébastien, 69001 Lyon
20H30 - 6 / 8€